Enhancing Your Space

Rooftop gardens are design elements that are becoming a mainstay on the list of essential desirable areas. These spaces have become a must-have for tenants looking to get the most out of your buildings. Unfortunately when it comes to executing these projects, landscapers struggle with the new methods that are required to effectively and safely install these designs, while roofers struggle with the fact that they aren’t actually being asked to install roofing. 

Terrace Up is here to fill that gap with experienced contractors who specialize in these unique designs. 

Once you submit your RFP, Terrace Up will provide you with pricing guidance where you can see or request project analysis complete with value proposal alternatives. Our transparent proposal includes the full scope of work so you can rest assured that everything is covered. Once on the job, we’ll take care of executing the project in its entirety, all while providing you with regular updates, documented inspections and all closeout documents.

What You Can Expect

Trained Project Managers

Terrace Up Project Managers are not only trained for the job, but they are trained on PM software to keep the job running smooth.

Respect and Timeliness

We understand the urgency of schedule and have streamlined our process to make sure that we're not causing project delays.

Standardized Proposal Process

In order to provide proposal transparency, Terrace Up has standardized the process complete with competitive pricing.

OSHA Training & Safety Standards

Safety is an important priority. Terrace Up is committed to being fully compliant with OSHA and its safety standards.

Relationships with Manufacturers

Terrace Up has built relationships with a diverse group of manufacturers and is familiar with all the products needed.

Robust Internal Quality Control

Throughout the process, Terrace Up will supply you with updates, photographs and all closeout documents for frictionless execution.

Terrace Up installers go through training before working on the job to ensure they have the skills needed to complete the job in a manner that is professional.

Expert Installers

Terrace Up works with a long list of manufacturers who provide the highest quality products in order to achieve the best end result. We strive to work inside of your budget and will assist with making recommendations of substitutions that will either enhance your project, lower your costs, or both!

High Quality Products

Terrace Up has spent time building relationships with various manufacturers in the industry. Because of this, manufacturers know that they can trust us to install their products as intended.

Manufacturer Preferred

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